Teamwork Has It’s Sweet Rewards

I was recently at a doctor’s office and above the water fountain, was a poster titled “Teamwork Has It’s Sweet Rewards.” The image included a dog laying on the floor in front of an open refrigerator. On its back, stood a small dog. On the bag of that dog was a cat who stretched its paws up toward the […]

Work is One Big Fat Teachable Moment

by Merrick Rosenberg, MBA When I speak at conferences about retaining winning talent and the problem of turnover, I often ask attendees to raise their hands if their fathers worked at three or fewer companies throughout their careers. As you would expect, just about everyone raises their hands. I then ask them a second more […]

Who Stole Our Meeting?

by Merrick Rosenberg Most people know what makes a good meeting, yet so many meetings are unproductive. So if we understand that efficient and effective meetings require preparing and sticking to agendas, starting and ending on time, and keeping minutes, why do meetings go awry? The answer goes beyond the technical aspects of running meetings. […]

Starting up a Virtual Team

by Stu Noble, M.Ed. A global New Product Development Team was launched by a major software development company with an aggressive completion date as well as specific performance expectations driven by the market. Though it took the team several months to effectively share ideas, information, and know-how, its work was pretty much on track for […]

The Miracle of Pittron Steel

by Peter B. Grazier Published in EI Network October 1, 1997 A few months ago, my friend Ray Martin, Chief Operating Officer at Camden County Health Services Center told me of a man who has spent his entire adult life working to instill such a belief in work organizations. Ray was attempting to bring him […]

Take Your Team on a Quest with Team Building Treasure Hunts

by Andy Kraus “I’ve got the map. I’ll look for something that has to do with dinosaurs.” “Can anyone decipher Morse code?” “I can see why so many people like the Amazing Race!” “Yeah, and why so many people like movies like National Treasure and the DaVinci code. This is awesome!!” Imagine your team racing through […]

The Toxic Workplace

by Peter B. Grazier Look around you at work and ask yourself how many of your coworkers are really enjoying their work or the work environment. Something is changing, and it doesn’t seem to be for the better. The combination of technological advancement and competition-driven downsizing seems to be placing enormous pressure on managements and […]

Teams Finding It Tough? Maybe the Culture is Wrong

by Peter B. Grazier (Originally appeared in EI Network – May 1, 1997) Without a doubt, teams are hot! Organizations can’t seem to expand them fast enough. I just received a conference brochure through the mail entitled The Best of TEAMS 97 to be held in Chicago in June—an entire conference dedicated to making teams […]

Time for Coaching

by Merrick Rosenberg When I ask people if they provide as much coaching to their staff members as they should, they almost always say, “No.” Then, when I ask them why they don’t coach their people as much as they should, they inevitably reply, “I don’t have the time.” Let’s explore that… If you are […]

Employee Involvement – 10 Years of Learning

by Peter B. Grazier Originally published in EI Network on April 1, 1997 This issue of Employee Involvement Network marks the 60th time—10 years—that I have put my thoughts into words in this newsletter. Over the last month I have found myself reflecting on this, seriously contemplating what I have learned in the process. Perhaps […]