Take Your Team on a Quest with Team Building Treasure Hunts

by Andy Kraus

“I’ve got the map. I’ll look for something that has to do with dinosaurs.”
“Can anyone decipher Morse code?”
“I can see why so many people like the Amazing Race!”
“Yeah, and why so many people like movies like National Treasure
and the DaVinci code. This is awesome!!”

Imagine your team racing through the streets of New Orleans, wandering Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco, treasure hunting in the Museum of Natural History in New York City or exploring the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta.

You don’t have to imagine an longer. Teambuilding, Inc. treasure hunts require serious brain power…and a serious sense of fun! Teambuilding, Inc. has been conducting treasure hunts for more than 22 years and we’re ready to share our extensive treasure hunt experience with your team.

Many team building activities are designed for small groups of 10-12 participants. Our treasure hunts are a blast groups of all sizes.

Throughout your experience, you’ll solve puzzles that will help you navigate to your next clue. We probably already have team building treasure hunt course near you. And if you want to experience the next generation of treasure hunts, check out GeoQuest: The High-Tech Treasure Hunt. This outdoor hunt offers teams with the opportunity to use hand-held GPS units to navigate from clue to clue. GeoQuest is powered by billions of dollars of technology…but it’s your own brain power that will make the difference.

Join us for an outdoor GeoQuest treasure hunt in the San Diego Zoo, the Arboretum in Dallas, historic Old City Philadelphia, Georgetown in Washington, DC, Boston or in the eclectic South Beach Miami. Participants regular say comments such as, “I’ve lived in the Chicago area for my entire life, and I discovered things about the city that I have never known before.”

After your team building treasure hunt, our skilled facilitators will conduct a debrief that is second to none. With more combined experience than any other team building company in the United States, we can link the treasure hunt to real world team dynamics and business issues. We’ll examine how the group communicated, worked together to solve problems, and planned for success. If you want fun, our treasure hunts are a blast. If you want learning, we help your group make the connections that drive behavioral change.

We know how to create clues. Do you think your team can solve them?

For more information about Treasure Hunts, visit our Team Building section at Treasure Hunts.

R.L. Polk & Co. Team Scores in Chicago Treasure Hunt
R.L. Polk & Co. brought 60 of its team members together in Chicago, Ill. to learn more about team effectiveness principles through our energizing Team Building Treasure Hunt. Enjoying the glorious summer weather, the Chicago hunt had teams utilizing GPS units, solving clues, problem solving, and working together to find unique locations in Chicago. Feedback was unanimous…it was a wonderful day!

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