You Take the Cake

Team building programs are becoming more and more creative…and are requiring and building heightened levels of creativity. Consider the Teambuilding, Inc. activity, You Take the Cake!, in which participants are tasked with turning ordinary sheet cakes and loads of cake supplies in to a metaphoric representation of your team and how your team will work together to drive success.

At one of our team building program for a major pharmaceutical firm in which a marketing team turned their cake supplies into a three-dimensional motorcycle. Their creation symbolized the free-spirit and boundary-less creativity that they so valued. With a fleet of motorcycles driving down the highway in formation, they described the teamwork and coordination that they would help them to achieve their goals.

When teams leave there traditional work environment and not only discuss where they are headed, but also engage their emotions in a physical activity, the mind, body and spirit are primed to unify into a vision that becomes reality.

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