Team Building CSI Style: The Case for Teamwork

Team building – every great company swears by it. For decades businesses have sought to provide new and innovative programs to their staff to improve communication, camaraderie and productivity just to name a few. However, many leaders find themselves repeating the same standard teambuilding activities… until now. The newest and most creative Team Building Program pays homage to the CSI movies and television programs that are hugely popular today.

CSI is the perfect framework for building teamwork. What would happen if the forensics team didn’t work well with those who collected DNA and trace evidence? Imagine one CSI agent gathering fingerprints from the crime scene and keeping that data for himself rather than sharing it with a CSI agent from a different department. It truly takes a team to solve a crime, just as it takes a team work through challenges in the workplace.

Picture your team trying to solve a high-profile homicide or running the streets of your home town collecting enough evidence to apprehend a group of notorious felons. These exciting programs not only bring your favorite crime solving dramas to life but will encourage collaboration, teamwork and critical thinking skills from your team members. Forget about the boring boardroom lectures – put your teams to work literally in these stimulating activities.

The numerous benefits from using this style of program include; any size group can be accommodated, the activity can take place indoors or outdoors (or both!) not to mention it’s completely “outside the box”. Outdoor courses can be custom designed for your location and never again will you hear complaints or grumbles of the same old training sessions.

If you’d like to experience the teamwork that real CSI agents practice every day, expert facilitators can deliver an engaging CSI team building experience that culminates with an in-depth discussion of how CSI teamwork applies to the workplace. The connection between crime solving easily links back to the real world of business and specifically your company.

Your team has three options to experience CSI and a team building adventure:

1. CSI NegativeZero: The Case of Victor Steele (half-day): This indoor CSI program couples your team’s analytical abilities with some of the newest forensic technology. Your team is tasked with identifying the killer of a rising actor from a group of three likely suspects. Will you catch the murdering marauder in time… or will they strike again?

2.CSI: On-location (half-day): This outdoor CSI program allows your city to be the scene of a major crime spree…and you’re the newest member of the CSI team. Your job is to walk the streets of your town, trace the footsteps of the criminals, and collect the evidence that will put them behind bars. Using teamwork and quick-thinking, this high-stakes crime drama will put your sleuthing skills to the test!

3. CSI: Agent for a Day (full-day): Solve a classic murder mystery and then hit the streets of your hometown! This full-day CSI program combines CSI NegativeZero: The Case of Victor Steele and CSI: On-location to offer a dynamic CSI team building experience. Your team will experience both styles of a crime scene investigation in this day long program that doubles the impact of working as a team.