There’s a Team Building Activity for You—Trust Us

There’s a Team Building Activity for You—Trust Us

Whether your organization is large or small, city-based or out in the country, attending a conference or settled on home base, Team Builders Plus keeps your team’s needs and goals in mind. We’ve designed dozens of team building programs for just about any group that wants to have fun, learn and strengthen their communication and commitment.

You Take the Cake
For a creative challenge that makes everybody’s day, you can’t beat You Take the Cake. Perfect for large groups, this activity starts out with icebreakers that loosen everyone up and get the creative juices flowing. Then, your teams are tasked with making the craziest, most colorful and tempting cake of the day. Each cake symbolizes the theme of your event, which could be anything from teamwork to a specific initiative that your organization has in mind. At the end, each team proudly presents their confection and what it symbolizes to the group.

Intergalactic Adventure
Need something flexible for that upcoming conference? Even if you’re anticipating hundreds of attendees, we’ve got you covered with this versatile activity. Intergalactic Adventure divides your group into teams and them informs them that the enemy is coming to destroy the planet—and the only way to stop it is to eliminate all of their satellites before time runs out. This activity teaches powerful lessons about how individuals in your organization work together as a team to pursue common goals. They’ll also learn about how they can break down barriers to improve their performance.

Mini Golf Charity Classic
Put your hearts as well as your minds into team building with this event that’s a little bit zany and gives back to your community. First, your team will complete golf-themed challenges that earn different types of canned and boxed food. Then, they use those boxes to build and play on their own mini golf courses. At the end of this high-energy event, the food earned by your team will be donated to the local food bank. Nothing builds team morale like giving back together.

The Ultimate Race
Want to explore your city or get to know a new one? During the Ultimate Race, your team will experience five amazing treasure hunts rolled into one. Your team will be tasked with taking photos, collecting items and performing random acts of kindness throughout the city—it’s a scavenger hunt taken to the next level. Your team will also be given City Clues that guide them to the must-see sites of the town. This activity can be adapted to any location, guaranteeing a great time wherever you are.