What is the Difference? Team Building or Team Outing

What is the Difference? Team Building or Team Outing

Team Building or Team Outing

What is the difference between a team building event and a team outing? If you were to type this question into Google, it would be difficult to find an answer. Many people don’t think there is a difference, so how would Google, Bing or any other search engine?

Well, if you are trying to find the answer and you found your way to our blog, you have just hit the jackpot. At Team Builders Plus, we recognize team building as being different from a team outing for a number of reasons—the first being that a team outing does not improve the overall dynamic of the group nearly as much as a team building activity. For example, while going bowling, having a company happy hour, and attending a baseball game sounds like a great time, these activities do not teach employees how to work better together. Yes, everyone will have fun, but if there any underlying issues, a social gathering will not improve the situation. Everyone will “get along” at your event because they must, but when they go back to work, the same issues will still be there- unresolved.

On the “The Importance of Professional Team Building” page of our website, we list reasons why team building is beneficial to you and your employees. If you want to teach your staff how to interact on a different level, find ways to be more productive, reduce turnover, and improve morale, it is important to match the right team building program to your needs. If your team members don’t get along and you are experiencing silos, then going bowling won’t help. A treasure hunt won’t help either. However, a session about Breaking Down their Silos will.

Team building activities we offer here at Team Builders Plus are not so typical.
Some people view team building activities as something that will only embarrass them. Others think that they are boring, not fun, or will just end up being a waste of time. Our team building activities are different from all of the others because of our two main priorities: making them FUN and ENGAGING.

For example, during one of our most popular high-energy team building activities, “Intergalactic Adventure,” for businesses that have at least 20 people, teams unite to discover the power of communication and collaboration as they save the universe from invading aliens. We can lead this team building activity in any conference room but many teams have taken it to the next level by hosting their program in a science center or museum.

Regardless of where you host your program and whether you have 20 participants or 1000, the takeaway from this team building exercise is that the company is now able to address issues such as:

  • Thinking as one team to achieve a common goal.
  • Sharing knowledge and resources.
  • Having one common vision and mission.

We would love to help you find a way in which you can make your organization and employees more productive through team building today.

If you would like to see some of our team building programs in action please visit our YouTube Channel.


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