Restore Balance and Grow Your Team with Harmonia from Team Builders Plus

Restore Balance and Grow Your Team with Harmonia from Team Builders Plus

As your organization grows, it’s inevitable that you’ll encounter potential scenarios of discord or dysfunction. Departmental silos develop, individual intentions overshadow organizational goals and the zeal of upper management stresses staff.

If there’s a lack of balance in your organization, Team Builders Plus can help you to restore it. Harmonia is our new team-building adventure designed specifically for the needs of middle management. After a Harmonia session, your group will be better equipped to tackle organizational challenges together.

Learn to Balance Needs
The most difficult task of any middle manager is to balance needs. Balancing the needs of upper management with their staff is just one of the many challenges that they meet in the course of a day. Your team must also balance staff needs and departmental goals against organizational objectives, internal competition against external threats and building a culture against getting results.

Harmonia translates these complex organizational issues into the world of a medieval kingdom. Played on tablet computers, Harmonia immerses participants in a rich virtual environment where they take on important social roles like Duke or Duchess, Mayor, Squire, Admiral or Scholar. Throughout the game, team members must wisely deploy money and resources to grow Harmonian society and protect it from harm. Key to their success will be keeping the peasantry happy while following the demands of the king.

By taking on challenges to build their new society and protect it from external threats, your team will learn powerful lessons about how to wisely deploy organizational resources and manage multiple external influence.

Break Down Silos
Are silos preventing your organization from growing? Harmonia teaches your team how departmental tunnel vision negatively affects the organization as whole. During the activity, your teams not only defend the entire kingdom against invaders but also compete against each other for success.

Throughout the game, they only see what part of their kingdom is doing, until a leaderboard periodically reveals results. In the end, teams learn that divisions between winners and losers don’t really matter: it is the success of the kingdom as the whole that has real meaning and the greatest impact. During the debriefing at the end of the activity, your teams will draw parallels between their collective efforts towards saving the kingdom and the need for departments to work together as whole for the success of your entire organization.

Experience an Immersive Virtual World
Harmonia is a virtual world-building experience that will appeal to any fan of Farmville, Sim City or Game of Thrones. This approach makes Harmonia fun, immersive and engaging for every participant. The natural appeal of game-playing, coupled with the timeliness of Harmonia’s subject matter ensuring that lessons stay with them long after the activity ends. Working on tablet computers, teams will see the results of their decisions in real-time. Furthermore, a Harmonia session can be conducted virtually with video conferencing.

You can restore balance to your organization, and have fun while doing it. Visit Team Builders Plus for more information.