Office Bingo

Looking to add some fun in the office with a price tag of $0? Read on! Here’s a game we played at Team Builders Plus with our own staff that kept us laughing and sharing stories with each other.

We created an office Bingo game and played it as a team over the course of about four months before someone won. Here’s how it worked: For starters, we had a blast making a list of the items to be included on the board. We picked a mix of funny and annoying things that happen to us while we’re on the road. Some were common and some were rare. The catch is to get the right mix of simple versus challenging clues. You will want people to be able to get some right away to get them invested in the game, but you don’t want to make it too easy either.

We picked things like, “Got upgraded to first class on a plane,” “Took more than five minutes to find the rental car,” “Ran into someone you know in a distant city,” etc. It was a nice mix of things that would inherently make you happy, and bad things that you know are going to happen eventually anyway. In both cases, when the Bingo event happened we shared the story with each other and marked off our cards. The good thing about including the annoying events (they’re going to happen no matter how much you would rather avoid them) was it gave us a little laugh when we got to share the story. It was a silver lining to an unfortunate situation.

Plan a time to pick items that make sense in your organization and have fun making a board that works for your team. Pick good things and trouble spots, things that are common and things that are don’t happen too often. Spread out the easy and hard clues so that you don’t have any row that is too easy and will end your game too soon. Also have the team agree that they can’t mark off their card without sharing the story with at least one other person. Then, sit back and wait for the stories to begin! You’ll get all the laughs and maybe even some new perspectives on how others deal with some of the annoyances that are bound to crop up in real life.

You don’t even need a prize for the winner… or the loser… depending on how you look at it if they get all the annoying spots on your board. The game is reward enough.