Team Building Program - Ultimate Race

The Ultimate Racethe ultimate race team building activity

The Ultimate Race Team Building Scavenger HuntTeam Builders Plus has been leading a wide variety of treasure hunts for more than 20 years. And now, we’ve combined the best elements of our Amazing Race, Ready…Set…Chase!, PhotoHunt, Kindness Wins and Team Challenge to create The Most Amazing Treasure Hunt your team will ever experience. Behold, the Ultimate Race.

Ultimate Race Team Building Activities

We have something for everyone!  Ultimate Photos challenges your team to take as many pictures as you can from our list of zany photo opportunities.  Ultimate Bring Backs put your scavenging skills to the test as your team collects unique items throughout your city.  Ultimate Acts of Kindness gives you the chance to earn points for giving back to the people in your town.  

Ultimate City Clues will take you to the best parts of your city that people love to visit as you search for answers. The Ultimate Challenge will have your team meet up with our facilitator to “make circles fly.”  We'll give you the goal and the supplies, but it’s up to you to figure out how to build it.  At the end, you’ll race your contraption against other teams to determine who will be the Ultimate Champion! We can customize this hunt for just about any location!  

Fun and challenging, this is the perfect activity to strengthen bonds in existing teams or build relationships for new teams.  It’s time to get out of the office and explore! 

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Program Specs:
Group size: 6-300+
Program Length: 2-3 hours
Suggested Team Size: 5 is optimal, 3-6 is fine
Space requirements: city
Program Location: outside