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A true team is a group of people guided by a common purpose who have an appreciation of the talents each brings to the task and a clear understanding of how to apply those talents to accomplish it.   Peter B. Grazier

Welcome to the Teambuilding, Inc. Team Problem Solver™. The purpose of this tool is to give you ideas about how to handle the most common team problems.

To use the Team Problem Solver™, simply walk through the questions by clicking on the appropriate response. The questions will lead you to answers and ideas. Important! The included "NEXT" and "BACK" buttons will walk you through a sequence of pages. Sometimes, however, you may find links to additional pages or resources, and using these buttons will NOT return you to your original page. So when you click on these links and visit those additional pages, remember to use your browser's "BACK" button to return. We have placed this symbol (
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Also note that, at times, we will offer you resource suggestions for ideas or tools that can help you. Some of these resources, such as related articles, are free, and some are paid resources such as those that appear in our catalog/online store.

Always know that you can contact us directly if you would like to discuss team-related issues. That's our purpose.