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How to deal with difficult team members

Difficult people don't want to be difficult; however, sometimes there are underlying factors that may be driving this behavior such as:

Regardless of what is provoking this behavior, someone needs to approach the person and help him understand the impact the behavior is having on the team. When someone is in a "bad place," however, this kind of confrontation is usually met with resistance, or worse, ambivalence. The person just simply may not care.

The first step to approaching this person is to develop a relationship or friendship that provides safety and security. This requires one to completely detach from the emotions associated with the difficult person (Example). 

As this relationship develops, the person will become more receptive to feedback and more likely to experience a "turnaround" in their behavior.

This approach requires us to move to a higher plane of thinking, one that understands that more can be accomplished through unselfish service to others rather than retreating to the comfort of our own egos and insecurities.

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