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Team Conflict

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How to minimize team conflict in the first place

Get training on the human dynamics of working together.
Most teams are first taught how to do the work…the task at hand. Secondarily (but usually never) they are taught the human dynamics of working together. As a result, when issues arise stemming from interpersonal relationships, team members may find themselves frustrated, in frequent disagreements, and conflict simply because they really don't understand each others' unique personalities, beliefs, and eccentricities.

As a first step in developing your new team (or an important next step for existing teams), find someone who can teach team dynamics. Such training should include:

  • Understanding Personality
  • Personal Values and Beliefs
  • Active Listening
  • Stages of Group Development
  • Consensus Decision Making
  • Personal and Team Motivation
  • Conflict Resolution

As a beginning, these training elements will help team members to understand the causes of disagreement and conflict, the basics of human behavior, and how to appreciate their differences rather than resist them. Much conflict can be avoided or minimized with knowledge of who we are.

Note: When we ask existing teams the question "If you had it to do over again, would you do anything differently in your development?" they usually tell us they would get training earlier on how to work together better, that is, the human side of team operation.

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Solving Conflict Problems:
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