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[3] Resolving Conflicts
Printable Diagram:  The 7 Steps to Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution

To Resolve a Conflict

What to
say or do?


1. Calm yourself

Take a deep breath, say "relax"

Clears thinking, models control

2. Restore order 

Take a "Time Out"

Stops the fight, contains the damage

3. Hear their stories 

"Help me understand your concern."

Gathers information, defuses tension

4. Listen carefully

Eye contact, don't interrupt

Honors the need to be heard

5. Generate solutions 

"How could we resolve this?"

Moves from accusations to solutions

6. Agree on a solution

"Would this work for you?"

Moves to resolution, brings closure

7. Test for satisfaction  

"Are you sure this will work for you?"

Assures clear communication


      Key Points to Remember 

  • Be a model of calm and control
  • keyDon't give in to emotional outbursts
  • Don't assume people are being difficult intentionally
  • Find a quiet place in the store to resolve conflicts....privately
  • Set some ground rules for the discussion:
  • No raising of voices
  • This is not a debate
  • Speak only for yourself..."I" phrases
  • Confront the issues, not the people
  • Maintain or enhance self-esteem



































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