Motivation/Relationship Problems
Team Conflict

[3] Resolving Conflicts

STEP 1. Develop an Attitude of Resolution

Take a deep breath and count to "10."

Think about the conflict and what gave rise to it. Instead of seeing yourself as a victim, think about your own behavior.

  • Did you say or do something that could have been misinterpreted by the other person?
  • Were the instructions clear?
  • Was he having a bad day, and you just "tripped the trigger"?
  • Was this a one-time occurrence, or does it happen repeatedly?

Thinking through these questions will give you time to calm yourself and be prepared to respond rather than react. Try to change your mental state from one of anger and confrontation to one of calm, inquiry, and resolution.

EXAMPLE: Developing an attitude of resolution

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Solving Conflict Problems:
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