Motivation/Relationship Problems
Team Conflict

[3] Resolving Conflicts

Key Principles in Resolving Conflict

  • Take shared responsibility for the conflict
  • Recognize and appreciate differences among people
  • Preserve individual dignity
  • Listen carefully and with empathy, listen to understand, communicate, don't debate
  • Be calm...don't give in to emotional outbursts or reactions
  • Vulnerability is a key to successful resolution, therefore open up and share your feelings
  • Don't assume people are being difficult intentionally
  • Choose a safe place or person with whom you can vent and clarify the issues for yourself
  • Generate solutions...find agreement
  • Follow-up to assure resolution and modify as necessary 

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Solving Conflict Problems:
[1] What is conflict? [2] Common Causes [3] Resolving conflicts [4] Suggestions