Motivation/Relationship Problems
Team Conflict

[2] Causes of Conflict - There is underlying stress and tension

Our lives today place enormous demands on our time and energy. But frequently those demands exceed our capacity to deal with them. Never the less, we come to work and attempt to function normally with our team members.

Too often, however, this underlying stress surfaces at the slightest provocation, and we find ourselves in conflict. Dr. Wayne Dyer uses the analogy of an orange to describe this:

  • When you squeeze an orange, you get orange juice. Why? Because that's what is inside.
  • When you squeeze (metaphorically) a person, you also get what the person is holding inside.

One of our greatest lessons is to understand that a person's angered response to us may have nothing to do with us at all. They may simply be reflecting other stresses in their lives. Knowing this makes it easier to respond in a more tempered, appropriate, and responsible manner. If we don't understand this important principle, we may react to their anger with similar anger, elevating the situation to one of conflict.

EXAMPLE: Underlying stress and tension


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Solving Conflict Problems:
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