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[2] Causes of Conflict - Personality Clashes

We are all different. Experts say that our personalities are genetically determined resulting in different sets of preferred behaviors.  See if the following comparisons ring some bells for you:

Some people are: While others are:
Outgoing, spontaneous, and talkative Introspective, serious, and quiet 
Intuitive...shoot from the hip Detailed...evaluate, ponder, and consider
Feeling and emotional Logical and analytical
Concerned for people Concerned for concepts
Structured, ordered, planned Flexible, go with the flow, unplanned

These natural sets of differences are some of our greatest strengths as individuals and teams; however, they are also sources of conflict. If I, for example, prefer to look at only the "big picture," then I may become frustrated by your attempts to discuss details. You, on the other hand, may see me as irresponsible for not doing the analysis. Result: potential conflict.

Personality differences are a primary cause of conflict.

EXAMPLE: Personality Clashes !

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