Motivation/Relationship Problems
Team Conflict

What is Team Conflict?
Conflict in teams is a significant contributor to poor performance, but seldom is it dealt with effectively. This section will help with a basic understanding of conflict and how to deal with it.

Conflict vs. Disagreement
First, let's distinguish between conflict and disagreement, as there are common misconceptions.

Disagreement adds needed argumentative dialogue to team discussions. Team members possess a cross-section of life experiences and general diversity that add richness to any discussion. Disagreement is inevitable and healthy to these discussions and, in fact, is needed to produce meaningful results. Disagreement should be welcomed by all team members and understood as a valuable contribution.

Conflict is disagreement that has elevated to an emotional level. Conflict interrupts the normal work activity by distracting team members, undermining team spirit and, ultimately, loyalty. This is not the kind of environment that allows a team to perform at its best. 

The following sections will walk you through an understanding of conflict and how to resolve it. Click on a topic or click "NEXT" to visit them all.

Solving Conflict Problems:
[1] What is conflict? [2] Common Causes [3] Resolving conflicts [4] Suggestions

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