Team Basics
10. Team Tools - Prioritizing Ideas

Prioritizing a List of Ideas - Teams in the workplace today have little time for in-depth analyses of issues, so they look for ways to streamline their work. Lists of ideas that are generated during brainstorming sessions often result in long lists containing 100 or more ideas. So how does a team prioritize such a list quickly?

Quick Tip - Use Sticky Dots 
One answer is to use colored sticky dots  (Avery Color Coding Labels). Depending on the size of the brainstorm list, give team members a strip of 4, 5, 6, 7 or more dots and have them attach the dots to specific topics that have been written on flip chart paper and taped to a wall. The dots will tend to cluster around the most appropriate topics. By counting the dots on each idea, the team will have its prioritized list. (Note that this method does not preclude further discussion to refine the priority listing, but it helps the team get there faster.)

Brainstorming Session Sticky Dot Example