Team Basics
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Tips to Enhance the Brainstorming Session

Tip #1 - Strive for many ideas. If the group "hits the wall" too early or, in other words, simply runs out of ideas, try a technique called Forced Connections. Ask the group to associate their topic with an unrelated word such as "frog." Or bring along some pictures (for example, a bathtub) and ask the group to associate their topic with this. The brain will always attempt to make an association, spawning new ideas that may kick-start the group to more creativity.

Tip #2 - Encourage the group to "get crazy" with their ideas.  Allow members to play with the topic ---stretch a little--- to generate even more creative ideas. The general work environment tends to be overly logical, forcing people to operate from the logical part of the brain. Creative brainstorming involves shifting into the more creative parts of the brain, something that may be uncomfortable for some people when at work. Also consider performing an icebreaker exercise prior to the brainstorming to further relax and energize participants.