5. Team Empowerment

 The Self-Directed Work Team

11 Characteristics of Empowerment
The following list represents what empowerment looks like in a practical, day-to-day context.

A Self-Directed Work Team…

1 Makes most of its daily decisions such as assigning work, rotating jobs, and scheduling vacations
2 Sets its own goals based on company goals
3 Develops its own performance standards, and measures itself against them
4 Conducts its own audits and inspections
5 Determines its own training needs
6 Identifies and implements improvements to the work
7 Procures its day-to-day materials and services needed to accomplish the work
8 Has input to major purchases related to its work
9 Maintains its own work space and is responsible for layout
10 Provides feedback to its team members on performance
11 Is responsible for staffing needs and acquires new members when needed