3. Tasks and Team Building

Team Building -  The Six Team Building Roles
Team building roles are those carried out by members, either consciously or unconsciously, that tend to build the team's interpersonal relationships, cohesiveness, and spirit. They are vitally needed roles that play a large part in maintaining team performance over the long term. These roles include:

1. Encourager - praises other members' contributions to the team

2. Harmonizer - mediates differences between other members

3. Compromiser - offers a compromise during disagreement or conflict by yielding position or admitting error

4. Gatekeeper -regulates the flow of communication, particularly in meetings, by encouraging the participation of those less inclined to participate and quieting those who are overly talkative

5. Standard Setter - expresses standards for the team regarding its operation

6. Group Observer - observes and reports back to the team on its group dynamics

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