3. Tasks and Team Building

Task Accomplishment - 14 Team Task Roles
Team task roles are those roles that members assume, either consciously or unconsciously, that move the team forward in accomplishing its tasks and mission. These roles are of vital importance in good team functioning.

1. Initiator
- suggests new ideas to the group
2. Information Seeker - seeks clarification of issues in terms of their factual adequacy
3. Opinion Seeker - seeks clarification of the values pertinent to the issue, rather than facts
4. Information Giver - offers facts or other "authoritative" information
5. Opinion Giver - offers beliefs or other value-based ideas
6. Elaborator - spells out suggestions in terms of examples or developed meanings
7. Summarizer - pulls together ideas, concepts, and group decisions to help the group identify where it is in its thinking
8. Coordinator-Integrator - clarifies and integrates relationships between various ideas, suggestions, and people
9. Orienter - defines the position of the group with respect to its goals
10. Disagreer - takes a different point of view, argues against, and implies error in fact or reasoning
11. Evaluator-Critic - subjects the accomplishment of the group to some set of standards. Questions the "practicality," the "logic," the "facts," or the "procedure"
12. Energizer - prods the group to action
13. Procedural Technician - performs routine tasks related to group functioning
14. Recorder - keeps a written record of the groups work

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