2. Stages of Group Development
1.Forming  2.Storming  3.Norming  4.Performing  5.Termination

Resolution (Norming) - This stage in the group's development involves the:

  • resolving of issues
  • setting up group processes
  • setting of group policies, procedures, and values
  • increasing production

Members are now resolving differences and clarifying the mission and roles. Members are less dissatisfied as in the previous stage because they are now learning more about each other and how they will work together. They are making progress toward their goals. They are developing tools to help them work better together such as a problem solving process, a code of conduct, a set of team values, and measurement indicators. 

Member attitudes are characterized by decreasing animosities toward other members; feelings of cohesion, mutual respect, harmony, and trust; and a feeling of pleasure in accomplishing tasks. The work is characterized by slowly increasing production as skills develop. The group is developing into a team.