2. Stages of Group Development
1.Forming  2.Storming  3.Norming  4.Performing  5.Termination

Dissatisfaction (Storming)
This stage is characterized by:

  • argument
  • conflict
  • a dip in morale

It results from differences between initial expectations and the reality of the situation as perceived by the members. Members may have varying opinions of what the group was to do and how to accomplish it. Members are also beginning to confront the differences in their personalities and values, a condition that is present anytime strangers meet. Members may feel anger or frustration with the task or with other members or may even resent the presence of formal leadership.

Generally, the dissatisfaction stage is relatively short. Some groups, however, may become stuck in this stage and continue to be both demoralized and relatively unproductive. In the worst cases, some groups never emerge from this stage and, if possible, disband in frustration.