2. Stages of Group Development
1.Forming  2.Storming  3.Norming  4.Performing  5.Termination

Orientation (Forming) - This is simply the bringing together of a group of individuals. At this stage, members are:

  • moderately eager

  • have generally positive expectations

  • have some anxiety about why they are there and what it all means

  • have some anxiety about other members such as who they are and what they are like

During orientation, the work output is generally low as members are focused on defining the goals and task, how to approach it, and what skills are needed. The length of this stage will depend on how clearly the task is defined. Groups with simple tasks will move through orientation quickly, but groups with complex goals and tasks may spend much longer in this stage.

This is an important stage because it serves to clarify the team's mission and bond team members. Teams that pay attention to building the relationships as well as focusing on the task tend to do better than those that skip over relationship building. Teams, after all, are made up of people who must work cooperatively for a successful outcome.

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