Team Basics
1. Types of Teams

 Today we find all kinds of teams in society, and they generally fall into one of two primary groups: permanent teams and temporary teams. Here are some of the common types:

1. Task Force - a temporary team assembled to investigate a specific issue or problem.

2. Problem Solving Team - a temporary team assembled to solve a specific problem.

3. Product Design Team - a temporary team assembled to design a new product or service.

4. Committee - a temporary or permanent group of people assembled to act upon some matter.

5. Work Group - a permanent group of workers who receive direction from a designated leader.

6. Work Team (also called Self-Directed Work Team or Self-Managed Work Team) - an ongoing group of workers who share a common mission who collectively manage their own affairs within predetermined boundaries. 

7. Quality Circle (today also under various other names) - a group of workers from the same functional area who meet regularly to uncover and solve work-related problems and seek work improvement opportunities.

The name of the group or team type is less important than the purpose for which it exists. These names simply give us a common language to help us define team types.