Poor Meetings - Low Participation

Psychological insecurity may cause one to hold back contributions to a team discussion. These people may not see their ideas as worthy and, therefore, seldom contribute.

Imagine yourself in a large audience of people, perhaps hundreds or even thousands. Now imagine that you would like to say something. What is the first thought that enters your mind (at least for most people)? Generally, there will be some trepidation about speaking in such a large group. Depending on our level of security, we may not speak at all. People who are more insecure will tend to hold back more often, and are intimidated in even small group settings.

The solution to this problem is to create an atmosphere of mutual support and encouragement. When an idea is raised in a discussion, get in the habit of thanking the contributor. Reinforce the offering of the idea, even if the idea itself may not be used. Write the idea down in the team's minutes to further demonstrate its worth. The more often this person sees his or her ideas valued, the more likely they will be to contribute again.

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