Poor Meetings - Don't Achieve Results

Mission, Goals and Objectives:  Restaurant Team Example

A restaurant team has established a mission to…

  • "Provide to our valued customers prompt and high quality food and service in a friendly and courteous manner."

To move closer to this mission, the team has set a number of goals to…

  • "Reduce the average customer waiting time by 10 minutes"
    (addresses "prompt" service)
  • "Reduce cholesterol in food by 10% within a year"
    (addresses "high quality food")
  • "Improve customer perception of courtesy within a year"
    (addresses "friendly and courteous manner")

To accomplish these goals, the team has further defined specific actions that will get them there…

To reduce customer waiting time…

  • "Add five more tables to the dining room by (date)"
  • "Add one cook to the staff during peak periods by (date)"

To reduce cholesterol…

  • "Begin using unsaturated fats by (date)"
  • "Begin using lowfat salad dressing by (date)"

To improve customer perception of courtesy…

  • "Provide eight hours of customer service training to all team members by (date)"
  • "Establish awards for courteous service and begin by (date)"

Note that the team's mission, supported by specific goals and objectives, provides a clear direction for team member behavior and actions. Teams that fail to achieve good results are frequently lacking in such clarity of purpose.


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