Poor Management of Projects -
A Project Management Process

 Does the team have a project management process? If not, find one that meets the organization's needs. These can be 5-step, 6-step, 12-step processes or anything in between. Give the team formal training in a good process so it has a basis for approaching its special projects and problems. Below is an example of a problem solving process:


 1. Identify the problem, define it, write a problem statement
 2. Look for causes of the problem, brainstorm possible causes
 3. Collect data to narrow the list of possible causes
 4. Brainstorm possible solutions
 5. Select a solution or combination of solutions
 6. Test the solution
 7. Make recommendations to the appropriate approval authority
 8. Implement the solutions
 9. Monitor progress and test the solutions for effectiveness
10. Celebrate the team's achievement

Note that once teams learn a good project management or problem solving process, they are then free to vary from the process when it is deemed appropriate.


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