Team Building Exercise- You Take The Cake

You Take The Cake! Team Building Activity

You take the Cake Team Building

You Take the Cake is a delicious and creative team building program for your team. 

Imagine sculpting a cake into an artistic and innovative metaphor for teamwork, success, or any initiative your organization is supporting.

Teams get warmed up with several fun icebreakers to help them max their creative mojo before launching into a friendly competition to see who can design and craft the most spectacular confection that symbolizes your theme.  

We start with sheet cakes and cupcakes that are already freshly baked for you. Then it’s up to your team to do the decorating.  Rule #1- you’re not allowed to just ice and decorate a flat sheet cake. That’s too easy. In order to qualify for the competition your delicious design must be a 3-dimensional delicacy.  

Icings, gels, food coloring, edible spray paint, candy of any kind you can imagine, sprinkles, popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, gems, glitter, and more are provided to enhance this team building event. The sheer amount of cake-building supplies will blow your mind.   

Put your creativity to the test! 

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When each masterpiece is complete, it’s time for the Cake Tour. Each team gets to tell the story of their cake, explaining the metaphor and how their creation represents teamwork or the theme of the event. Then it’s up to you to vote on the winner. 

Team Building Cake Program

Delicious and rewarding, You Take the Cake is the perfect team building program for established teams to enhance camaraderie and improve team dynamics or it’s a great icebreaker for newly formed teams to begin bonding. In either case, this team building event is a delectable delight. 

Program Highlights:

  • Sculpt a cake into a metaphor for teamwork, success, or the theme of your choice.        
  • Utilize hundreds of cake-building supplies in this fun team building event.         
  • Great for improving team dynamics in established teams.        
  • Great icebreaker for newly formed teams. 

Program Specs:
Program Length: 1.5-3 hours
Suggested Team Size: 5 is optimal, 3-6 is fine
Space requirements: 1 60” round table per group
Program Location: Inside

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