Team Building Activities in Washington D.C.

team building activities in washington dc

Team Building in Washington, D.C.

Thousands of visitors come to Washington DC each year to experience its rich history. There’s much to see, from iconic buildings like the Washington Monument, US Capitol, Lincoln Memorial, White House and Jefferson Memorial to famous museums like the Smithsonian to the grounds of the National Mall or nearby Arlington National Cemetery.

Explore the National Mall with hand-held GPS units as you begin your hunt near the Smithsonian Castle.

Washington, DC is the ideal location for your next corporate team building activity or leadership retreat. After a long day of meetings and hearing about next quarter’s goals, your team has earned an exciting afternoon of fun. Break free from the barriers of the conference room walls and set out onto the National Mall with ScavengerQuest: The High-Tech Treasure Hunt. Smart phones will be your guide as you search for clues near the Smithsonian Castle and race against other teams during this high-energy team building activity. ScavengerQuest is the ideal treasure hunt. It enables you and your team to not only learn about Washington, DC as you search for clues, but you will learn about each other as you work together to solve problems as a team.

The political world isn’t wild enough for you? Check out our treasure hunts at the National Zoo. Lions, tigers and bears, oh my! Weave your way through the animal exhibits and you and your team solve 

team building activities in the smithsonian

For days when it is just a bit too hot outside or mother nature adds a touch of rain, the Smithsonian Museum of Air & Space, Smithsonian Museum of Natural History and the Smithsonian Museum of American History are each ideal backdrops for our ClueQuest indoor treasure hunt. Your team will need to solve clues based on wordplay, codes, ciphers, and trivia questions covering pop-culture, science and industry – there's something in there for everyone. You'll surprise yourself and your peers with your knowledge and attention to detail during this high energy, engaging team building activity.

We also offer a wide variety of leadership training programs such as Taking Flight with DISC where you can easily learn what your communication style, how to identify the styles of others and learn how to adapt your style based on your audience. Don’t worry, we don’t lead our training program like a lecture. Taking Flight with DISC is an engaging session that is a perfect complement to your leadership retreat.

Discover a wide of range of team building events that can be held in Washington, DC.