Team Building Activities in the United Kingdom

Team Building Activities in the United Kingdom

Team Building Activities in the United Kingdom

Whether you are planning a team activity in London or a leadership training program in Cambridge, Team Builders Plus leads a variety of programs throughout the area for you.

The London games may have passed; however the spirit can live on with Gold Medal Games. Experience this high-energy team building activity in any park or a large conference room. Teams of 6-10 participants will take part in fun Competition-style games as they compete for medals. We designed the activities for every physical level so everyone can play! Teamwork is the name of the game but winning the medal never felt so good.

Add a philanthropic touch to a treasure hunt and you've got Kindness Wins. While teams set out to explore London with a backpack full of supplies, they’ll earn good Karma points as they complete good deeds everywhere they go. This team building hunt is not about finding clues. It’s all about making a positive difference and you don’t have to just do one major good deed to have an impact on your community. Small deeds every day add up and kindness always wins in the end.

And never miss an opportunity to develop your team and learn about each other. Often times, communication issues pop up because team members take communication styles personally. Taking Flight with DISC is an engaging session that will help bond your team as they learn about their communication styles and how to adapt their styles to each other. Our session is not led like a lecture. Our workbook is more like a guideline and you will take an active role as you learn about each other and grow as a team.

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Our most popular programs include:   

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