Team Building Exercise- Treasure Hunts

Amazing Race

Experience the same excitement as contestants on The Amazing Race television show…right in a city near you. Teams will race through the city, solve clues, earn points, and work through challenges that are custom-designed and tailored to your city.

ClueQuest: The Indoor Treasure Hunt

ClueQuest takes your team on a fun and thought-provoking team building treasure hunt through a museum in your area.

CSI: On-Location

csi on location team building activityThis outdoor CSI team building adventure provides an invaluable opportunity for groups to work together outside the confines of a conference room. Teamwork, analytical thinking and collaboration are the essence of this outdoor crime busting activity.


In this competitive team building treasure hunt, each team is equipped with special GPS devices to help navigate through the zoo and it's inhabitants.

GeoQuest: The High-Tech Treasure Hunt

Teams race to solve riddles based on the famous, fascinating, or just downright bizarre local landmarks.  Even if you’re a resident, you’ll see your town in a whole new light, as you discover local historical facts you never even knew existed.