You certainly know how to get the audience's attention and keep it. Your program provided great information for use by our members. The time and effort you put in prior to the meeting to make sure your presentation was 'on target' certainly produced solid results. You went the extra mile and this was truly appreciated by our attendees. Some of the comments I overheard at the conclusion of your presentation were:
   - Had great ideas and concepts
   - Excellent, hits home
   - Very thought provoking, motivating
   - Very good, practical know how
Carol Crossland, CMP, Vice President, Tree Care Industry Association

You invigorated us with your participative style and stimulated us with your thought-provoking presentation materials. Whenever I come in contact with someone who participated, they thank me for choosing such a dynamic speaker.
Sharon Kralick, Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital

You did a good job of laying out for our managers the possible causes of resistance to change in the workplace. Your presentation was well-received. I have heard many, many favorable comments about it.
James J. Riley, Social Security Administration

...the material 'fit' into their worlds...the experience will benefit them both personally and professionally.
Virginia Flowers, Social Security Administration

Your session has rejuvenated us. The enthusiasm you shared and the experience you brought was truly an inspiration.
Jeff Hahn, US Postal Service

We are proud to have given each member a copy of your book, Before It's Too Late -- what a powerful message that little book has!
Kevin L. Owens, Gulfstream Management Association

We have been working with Teambuilding, Inc. for over three years as their web site developer. They consistently practice the excellent principles that you read about throughout the site. Contributions never go unrecognized. Input and involvement is always welcome. I love seeing the positive impact that Teambulding, Inc. makes in today's workplace. And I'm incredibly thankful to be a part of it.
Pamela Work, Duck Foot Web Designs

Dan did a great job, tackling a difficult topic in a way that utilized humor and that inspired people towards solid teamwork. It was just right.
Francy Magee, New York Institute of Technology

Everyone really enjoyed the accountability session and the teambuilding exercises that you facilitated, and you will also be happy to know, we are continuing the thematic goal discussion at our next staff meeting with implementation soon to follow!! Management is fully committed to following through on what we learned in these trainings and appreciates the guidance you’ve provided. We look forward to seeing you again this fall for another follow-up workshop.
Christe A Turner, XIO Strategies, Inc.

Ken Blackwell was awesome! He did an excellent job of getting everyone involved. We have an extremely diverse team. With that in mind, I wasn't sure what kind of plan we could come up with that would be both beneficial and interesting to everyone. It seemed effortless for Ken. From the ice-breaker to the closing, Ken had us totally engaged. Everyone said that this was by far the best off-site they had experienced. I would have to say that that was largely due to Ken. Keep up the good work!
Vicki Webb, Booz Allen Hamilton

The team had a lot of fun, met people they don’t usually work with, and learned new strategies for communicating. Several of my co-workers took the time to tell me how much fun they had and that they learned a lot more than they expected. Carla and Dave kept the activities far more interactive than I imagined and there was a high level of energy throughout the day. It was a success all around.
Jenny V. Whitmer, Department of Homeland Security

Our team building event was a not only great learning experience but also fun for my entire team. I was impressed with the way our facilitator, Heather, handled my rather boisterous group. The exercises revealed a lack of communication due to everyone trying to talk at once. Heather made it fun, while she revealed what I think she already knew after being with us for ten minutes. We are an aggressive sales team all trying to talk at the same time. And loudly I might add! A great learning experience with surprises.
Jan Mesa, Word & Brown General Agency

We really enjoyed the activity “Why We Click With Some and Clank With Others”. By the end of the day not only were we all clicking but calling each other but the letter that identified us (i.e. D, I, S, or C). Dan was great and by adding his personal stories made everything relatable.
Ailyn Thurman, MetaCure (USA) Inc.

Your DISC presentation was extremely well done. You presented the content thoroughly, in a manner that made it relevant for the audience AND was enjoyable. There is an art to doing that and it is something that I greatly respect and appreciate. I have worked with the DISC material with other groups. The element that I thought was a great upgrade to what I had seen previously was the use of the DISC style to tailor and "sell" their message or concept to resonate with all.
Jackie Boatwright, W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

Thank you so much for the wonderful day! Everyone found the session incredibly helpful. It was pretty amazing, after we understood the different styles, it gave us the language to use so that no one got offended. All I keep thinking is "what a great result- finally we can talk and accept each other without feelings getting hurt." I think this result will be so significant to the success of our program.
Whitney, Fox Rothschild

Our team was impressed with the Team Builders Plus Why We Click with Some and Clank with Others program – it was entertaining and educational. The program provided us with beneficial insight of our colleagues and has put our team in a better position to tackle the future. “
Kortney Riddle, Hemming Morse

The DISC is an extremely valuable tool which has enlightened our entire staff to understand and implement the Platinum Rule. Knowledge of the DISC immediately increased our morale by restructuring our interactions with one another through enhanced awareness of our individuality. The Personalized Action Planning Sessions were a key component to the changed environment of our office. You were instrumental in the change through your ability to recognize and communicate to each of us our strengths and provide guidance on how to overcome our weaknesses.
Teri Johnson, CPA, Fellner & Kuhn, P.C.

The participants all seemed to enjoy themselves and the GeoQuest treasure hunt.
Ann BlackBurn, Krispy Kreme Doughnut Corp.

Nothing but great praise from everyone. We really had a blast. Team Builders Plus really exceeded our expectations.
Mark J. Fasano, Heineken

The Indy GeoQuest was extremely interesting, challenging, and most importantly….helped to increase our spirit of teamwork.
Jason Stele, Harrison College

The GeoQuest was exactly what we needed to get out of the office, enjoy nature, build team unity and learn how the day’s activities apply to our everyday work environment. I would highly recommend your services to anyone and have already done so to my colleagues.
Frank Romero, C3i, Inc.

Everyone totally enjoyed it, Dan Silvert kept it real and his scenarios were lively and spirited. He discussed key feedback, formulating trust and ensuring best practices. Everyone was excited about the findings of the session and it was the 1s time they were all together. It was a great way to end the overall meeting and everyone left with team united-ness. The activity helped us understand that we need to stick together to make it work. We can’t wait to work with you again.
Chinell Delaney, Stiefel Laboratories, Inc.

The Jungle Adventure simulation was a fun and dynamic exercise and our group was extremely competitive and a few tempers were elevated until we realized we had to work together to achieve the objective.
Rod Hargraves, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

The program was FANTASTIC!!!!! Merrick was able to interweave our lingo to maintain consistency, leverage activities that would generate the opportunity for discussion, and share insights/ideas from his experience that made it highly energized, fun, and a strong learning opportunity. The team had many ah ha moments and began to refer to the activity and/or learning over the course of our meeting. Upon completion of the meeting (and quite frankly throughout it) I got great feedback on Merrick, the team activities and the CSI NegativeZero program. It was a pleasure working with your organization. I would highly recommend you to anyone! Well…. maybe not to my competitors!!! I look forward to opportunities to work with you again in the future.
Diane Snyder, Johnson & Johnson

Just wanted to thank you for a fabulous team building programs. Thanks to you for your organization, creativity, and high energy leadership in hosting our teambuilding events.
Migdalia Cruz, J&J Healthcare Products

I just wanted to thank you for the great program you facilitated with our staff at our Annual Retreat. I got positive feedback from everyone from direct care staff to our President, Executive Director and Board members. Everyone felt that the program was extremely relevant, and it was the perfect balance of “fun” and “work.” And everyone was very impressed when you slipped our mission statement in! We had a very productive afternoon of planning our goals for next year, as everyone was feeling refreshed and motivated after the morning’s activities. Again, thanks so much for the wonderful program. We look forward to working with you again in the future!
Margarete Andrews, New Jersey Association of the Deaf-Blind, Inc.

The facilitator was an absolute pleasure to work with during both the planning stage and the actual event. Everything went off without a hitch even though we threw her a few curveballs along the way. Her enthusiasm, energy, flexibility, and can-do attitude were greatly appreciated. I will certainly recommend your services to others within and outside my firm and hope to be able to work with you again myself sometime soon.
Michael Sweeney, Chase Home Lending

This was a very good exercise for our group as sometimes, we lose focus on the big picture, based on our daily schedules. I will also give you and your company, high praise for the facilitator, Dan Silvert. He delivered all of his presentations/lessons with a lot of energy but easy to follow and made it extremely fun. Dan looked very comfortable and is a very good speaker/teacher. I would recommend Team Builders Plus to anyone looking for this type of session and would also direct them to ask for Dan, as the facilitator. Thanks you again.
Bryan Reece, Waste Management

ZooQuest exceeded my expectations by providing a unique way in which our team could practice brainstorming and team building skills but in a way that was fun as well as educational. Thanks for the memory
LCDR Kucia, Naval Hospital Lemoore

Excellent event. This is the best team training I have ever participated in.
Geri Haraden, Naval Hospital Lemoore

During our conflict management training session Merrick was funny, had great enthusiasm, and used great real life examples. This is only my second time participating in a training session with Team Builders Plus and I would not mind participating in more if they are just as enjoyable as today’s session. Thank you again!
Kit Mak, TargetRX

We had an awesome day! Merrick was fantastic, the staff really enjoyed the activities and learned a lot from the event.
Molina Talleyrand, HealthPass

Merrick and Bobbi were outstanding!! I can’t say anything more than they were fabulous and certainly delivered a great event for us. We are extremely pleased and looking forward to working with Team Builders again next year.
Christine R. Galezniak, PHR, L-3 / SPD Electrical Systems

Thank you so much for such a great experience with Team Builder’s Plus. We had a very diverse group from all over the world. They all had a blast. Our facilitator was lots of fun to work with. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this event to anyone.
Tricia Hendricks, Schreiber Foods, Inc.

Team Builders Plus exceeded our expectations regarding customer service and facilitating the Supporting Change program. The activities were business relevant and thought provoking."
Jamila Hunter, Raytheon Technical Services Company

The event was very well received, and I am confident that our team had a great time with Movie Mayhem. The videos were certainly entertaining and creative. And, given our theme for this year's conference, the event was a perfect fit. Ken and Aaren were very good facilitators, and they did a great job of keeping us on schedule and making us feel comfortable with the process of making a movie. All in all, it was a great experience!
Adam Bauer, Aprimo

The Intergalactic Adventure and team challenges were spot-on for what we had set out to accomplish with our time there. Andy did a great job matching our needs with the right program for team forming. And Merrick was absolutely excellent at facilitating the day. We definitely felt like our investment in the day was money well spent. We’re hoping to bring this group back together again after the first of the year for Accountability and DISC.
Greg Etheridge, Comfort Systems USA Carolinas, Inc.