Senior Leadership Programs - Reinventing the Work Environment

 The TeamingUp program is based on a computer-based survey, Team Effectiveness Inventory, which is used to identify team strengths and challenges. The TEI is an anonymous forum for individuals to safely express concerns, feedback, and ideas. 

Team Builders Plus customizes this computer-based assessment to target specific areas of team behavior. The survey process generates participant buy-in for team development, while the results provide a baseline for the team's level of effectiveness. Summary data is reviewed in a team development session. 

Sample survey categories: Although easily customizable to meet organizational needs and objectives, the TEI typically addresses:

  1. Communication
  2. Creativity/problem solving
  3. Empowerment/motivation
  4. Feedback
  5. Management support
  6. Performance/results
  7. Team interaction
  8. Team unity 
  9. Conflict management
  10. Decision-making
  11. Environment
  12. Leadership
  13. Mission/vision
  14. Planning
  15. Team meetings
  16. Time management 

Who should take this assessment? Intact groups or a common management level that has worked together for at least three months.

Applications - This survey process is designed for:

Needs Analysis: The TEI highlights specific areas of development through quantitative analysis and rater comments.

Team Development: Team member evaluation of group dynamics and effectiveness will be used to develop specific goals and action plans.

Level-3 Evaluation Of Training: Compare team effectiveness data before and after training to determine the impact of education on performance.

Sample Report and Live Survey

Team Effectiveness Inventory Live Survey