Team Building Activities in Richmond

Team Building Activities in Richmond, Virginia

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Team Builders Plus has been leading corporate team building activities and leadership development training in Richmond for years. Historic Shockoe Slip is an ideal location for a thrilling treasure hunt. Any of our indoor activities can be combined with the hunt to create a memorable and impactful full-day experience.

Race through the streets of historic Shockoe Slip during ScavengerQuest: The High-Tech Treasure Hunt. Armed with hand-held GPS units, your team will search for hidden clues in a race to earn the most points. ScavengerQuest gives you the power to work together to solve problems, improve communication and build teamwork.

If your team prefers an indoor team building activity, we offer many indoor options as well such as Jungle Adventure. Imagine, it's 1912 and your team is on a mission in the untamed jungles of Africa. You're exploring the jungle and trying to save endangered gorillas and you need to establish your base, set up communication towers, and defend the gorillas from poachers. Teams will have to work together and create a plan if they want to complete their eco-friendly mission. Cooperation, communication and critical thinking are the key.

Team Builders Plus offers many leadership training programs as well such as Breaking Down Silos and Step Up to Accountability. In Step Up to Accountability, for example, team members will realize the impact that silos have on morale, shift from blame-gaming to collective ownership and they will agree on the key challenges that inhibit their optimal performance.