Philanthropic Team Building


smilekits charity team building

Participate in a memorable, philanthropic team building event and simultaneously reach out and bring joy and inspiration to someone who needs it.

Wonder Wagon

Wonder Wagon team building activity

Feel the spirit of an inspiring and life changing team building experience. Energizing team building activities throughout the program will engage everyone while you assemble Classic Radio Flyer wagons for children.

Mini Golf Charity Classic

mini golf charity classic  team building

Mini Golf Charity Classic, is an amazing and philanthropic way to give to those in need while having a blast & strengthening your team at the same time.

Delivering Grins 

Delivering Grins Philanthropic Team Building

Team Builders Plus is proud to exclusively partner with the UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation (UHCCF) to offer you an exciting philanthropic program, guaranteed to deliver love and care to children. 

Wheels for the World 

team building bike build

Do you recall your first bicycle? Remember the fun, the adventure, the freedom? Wheels for the World is a team building program that offers your team the chance to pass those feelings on to a child by building and donating bikes for kids.

Charitable Team Building Programs

When is team building more than just team building?  When you give back to the community while improving team dynamics! Philanthropic team building brings teams together to work on a charitable group project, with an end result far beyond the conference room, making an impact on more people than just yourself and your coworkers.  And you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your favorite meeting space! 

Each of these charitable programs follows a similar format: compete in fun team building games to earn the components being donated to the causes below.

team building program

charitable team building programsIn Wheels for the World, teams complete challenges to earn bicycle parts to build real bikes for real kids.  Imagine doing this right in your own conference room- and then imagine a group of kids from your local mentoring club coming in so you can give them the bikes right there on the spot!  Their smiles and unbounded joy will bring tears to your eyes.  When you gift a child with a bicycle in Wheels for the World, you’re not just giving a child a toy, you’re giving them freedom and a healthy lifestyle.

SmileKits enables you to help children get through a traumatic time in their life by bringing them a bundle of joy to ease the process of staying in the hospital.  This is more than just a goody bag- this is a step toward normalcy for a frightened child.  When children play in the hospital, it reminds them of happier times of playing at home, and brings a level of comfort and familiarity to a foreign and scary environment.  It helps them make new friends in their new surroundings.  The positive endorphins help the healing process.  And everybody knows laughter is the best medicine. 

Mini Golf Charity Classic is based on helping a local food bank.  Earn canned and boxed food items as well as art and building supplies, and your team is on the way to building the craziest mini golf course you’ve ever seen. 

Delivering Grins partners your organization with the United Healthcare Children’s Foundation.  Along with competing in fun team building games to earn the items in the Grins to Go Bag for kids in the hospital, your charitable donation also contributes to grants to help the families deal with all of the out of pocket expenses that insurance groups don’t cover.

These really are some of the best team building activities we offer!  Corporate team building programs can do so much more than we can on our own as individuals.  We promise your team can grow, while others benefit directly through your program with these Philanthropic Team Building Programs.