Team Building Activities in New Orleans, LA

Team Building Activities in New Orleans, LA

team building activities in New Orleans

Whether your company or group is based in New Orleans, LA or just visiting; Team Builders Plus can add fun, learning and excitement to make your next meeting or conference a memorable one.

Take in the sights, scents, and sounds of New Orleans, LA as you search for clues in ScavengerQuest: The High-Tech Treasure Hunt. With hand-held smart phones participants will discover fun historical, culinary, and cultural traditions of this truly unique American city. Having bounced between French and Spanish rule before being sold to the US in the Louisiana Purchase, New Orleans offers a kaleidoscope of European influences in architecture, local customs and historical leaders. Team Builders Plus has created a unique scavenger hunt to get the adrenaline flowing as you and your coworkers pool your resources to solve riddles, seek out hidden clues, rush around to local landmarks, and of course, speed past the other team. Armed with your iPhone or android based smart phones, your team will journey through the city to decipher clues and complete the course.

The Audubon Living Science Museum is a great setting for Intergalactic Adventure, where your group must halt an alien invasion of Earth. Your mission: Travel to the enemy planet, dismantle the alien’s communication arrays, and safely return to earth! Your team must devise and execute tactical and strategic plans to accomplish your objectives, and the fate of other teams will be entwined with your own. How? Launch into Intergalactic Adventure to find out!

If you're from the New Orleans area you've probably been to the Aquarium of the Americas, but not as a member of the Oceanic Peace Force! It's the future and you've got missions to accomplish before the enemy moves in on your submarine. Your team’s ability to coordinate with others, plan and execute the right strategy will determine your success. Deep Water Adventure will leave your teams laughing and learning.