Team Building Activity: Movie Mayhem

Lights, Camera, Action! You’re the writer, the director, and the star in this action-packed team building event!

In Movie Mayhem, you’re given the props, the costumes, the camera, and a healthy dose of team building inspiration before being unleashed to create a short film about the core theme you’ve chosen to portray your team’s performance.

Sci-fi, medieval, western, pirate, adventure…we bring it all.  In groups of 6-8, teams compete for their film genre, grab their props and costumes, then split up to create their masterpiece. 

At the end of this great day of team building, get ready for the most hilarious film festival and awards ceremony you’ve ever seen! As members of the Academy of Not-So-Fine Arts, you’ll get to vote for Best Male Lead, Best Female Lead, and Best Picture. Winners are honored with their very own Oscar statuettes.  

Program Highlights

  1. Teams create short films       based on core values your organization wishes to enhance.
  1. Compete for film genres like sci-fi, western, pirate, medieval, archaeology, and more! 
  1. We bring all the cameras, props, and costumes.
  1. Have a fun time with your team building experience, learning about   trust, teamwork, communication, and collaboration. 

This is team building at its finest, or at least its funniest, and will create lasting memories that can be revisited time and time again.  You’ll be surprised how much your team has learned about teamwork, trust, communication, and collaboration as our expert facilitators seamlessly weave these lessons into your day without missing a beat of the action, drama, or comedy you’ve created.  

Like movies?  Interested in a creative challenge?  Movie Mayhem is just what you’ve been looking for.