Team Building Activity - Mini Golf Charity Classic

Mini Golf Charity Classic

mini golf charity classic assembly team building

mini golf charity classic large group team buildingWhat do you get when you combine hundreds (or thousands!) of cans, jars, and boxes of food…… with a ballroom set with green carpets…… and some creative people with big hearts who want to give back to the community? 

Mini Golf Charity Classic, an amazing and philanthropic way to give to those in need while having a blast and strengthening your team at the same time.

Before the teams can build their golf course, they must first complete a series of high-energy,  golf-themed team building challenges to earn the different types of food to be donated to the local Food Bank. Then teams construct their mini golf holes. 

Next, everyone gets to play a round of the most unique mini golf they’ve ever seen.  And to top it off, all of the cans and boxes of food that were used to construct the mini-golf holes are then donated to a food bank to benefit those in need in the local community. 

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Program Specs:
Group size: 12-300+
Program Length: 2.5-3 hours
Suggested Team Size: 5 is optimal, 3-6 is fine
Space requirements: 12 sq ft per group
Program Location: Inside