Team Building Exercises in Miami, FL

Team Building Activities in Miami, Florida

Miami Florida team building activities

Palm trees, wide beaches, bright sun, and clear blue water give Miami Beach a natural beauty that is only matched by the gorgeous Art Deco hotels, plentiful outdoor dining and international cosmopolitan feel. There are several team building activities to get your group outside and enjoying all that Miami Beach has to offer.

Looking for a team building activity out on the beach? Try the Gold Medal Games where where Teams of 8-10 compete in head to head events that test their mental abilities more than their physical skills, though some balance and coordination sure will help.

It’s not the biggest and strongest team that wins. It’s the team that works together most effectively and maximizes their diverse talents that comes in first. No Gold Medal Games would be complete without a medal ceremony and we deliver 3rd, 2nd and 1st place, teams win Bronze, Silver and Gold medals respectively.

Miami Florida Team Building Activities

Harness the power of smart phones in our ScavengerQuest team building treasure hunt . Teams of 5 use their iPhones or Android based application to discover the answers to clues hidden throughout South Beach. The search is on, as teams navigate past the opulent hotels on Ocean Dr., the Miami Beach Botanical Garden, the Convention Center and the many shops on the Lincoln Road Mall. The clues reflect the diversity of Miami Beach, part history, part wacky, but all fun!