Team Building Activities in Long Beach

Team Building Activities in Long Beach, California

Long Beach California Team Building Activity

Team Builders Plus programs are designed to enable each team member to discover the importance of working together as one to achieve a common goal, which translates well back at the office. As the leading team building company in the United States, we combine brains, adventure, and fun to create exciting team building experiences.

Below are some of the unique activities we offer in Long Beach:

In ScavengerQuest, our custom designed course will take your team all over scenic Long Beach where you will use smart phones to guide you to waypoints, decipher codes, and use your powers of observation to crack the next clue. The group will learn about the Rancho Los Alamatos Historic Ranch, explore the Museum of Latin American Art, and the Wayfarers Chapel. Effective planning, clear communication, and good dose of logical reasoning will drive success, along with a little bit of help from your GPS unit!

In Intergalactic Adventure, your group will be split into teams of five or six and tasked with saving the earth from an alien invasion. Each team will embark upon a series of missions, carefully utilize limited resources and execute tactical and strategic plans to unsure their success. In addition, the fate of competing teams will be intertwined with your fate. How? launch into Intergalactic Adventure to find out!