Kindness Wins

Kindness is a circle. The kinder you are to others, the more kindness you receive in return. Kindness Wins is a one-of-a-kind team building treasure hunt in which teams earn points for committing random acts of kindness in their community.

In our fast-paced, my-me-mine culture, Kindness Wins provides a timeout from thinking of ourselves and turns the focus on helping others. Imagine for a moment that your group spends a half-day together putting smiles on the faces of fellow team members and total strangers. From opening exercises in which participants experience the power of compassion to closing activities that generate heart-felt moments of generosity, Kindness Wins will immerse your team in an experience that fosters greater levels of respect and support back at the workplace. 

Throughout the session, teams of five to six participants sporting Kindness Wins t-shirts will be let loose in a city near you to help others. Whether it’s offering an unsolicited compliment to a stranger or sharing with a fellow team member what you appreciate about them on our Kindness Cam, everyone is sure to get back more than they give. More kindness = more points. Hold a door open for a stranger, earn some points. Return something, such as a shopping cart, to its proper place, earn more points. Use a Post-it note to make someone’s day, earn even more. Participants will earn Good Karma Points for each act of kindness. 

Half-way through Kindness Wins, these points will be redeemed for cash that groups will use to commit random acts of kindness that accomplish the greatest possible good. Now people are figuring out their own ways to be giving without any expectation of something in return. Later on in the exercise, groups will earn points for creating a list of kind actions they commit to taking back at the workplace. Now that’s the kindness in action! 

Participants will also have the opportunity to create their own symbol of generosity and giving that will serve as a reminder back at work of what they experienced on this special day. 

At the end of the event, the facilitator will lead a powerful and unique debrief that focuses on understanding how to bring kindness, respect, and mutual support back on the job. If you’re looking for an engaging, action-packed team building activity that not only benefits the team, but also the community, Kindness Wins is just what you are looking for. This event will surely be a day to remember and treasure.