Senior Leadership Programs - Innovate With Care

 Innovate with CARE™ is a one-of-a kind program in which participants have the opportunity to learn about themselves, while simultaneously exploring a model that leads to innovation. This session can be part of a team building program or is a great way to kick-off a strategic planning retreat. 

Imagine a training program in which people not only learn a framework for generating creative solutions to problems, but also get the opportunity to put their learning into action…right in the session itself! Participants will discover their natural strengths in creating ideas, generating buy-in, analyzing options, and establishing an implementation plan. They will also learn how to evaluate team dynamics to ensure that all phases of the innovation process are successful.

The session will be based on the CARE™ model of innovation…and the best part is, it’s not just another behavioral style tool, it’s also a framework for creativity itself!

Team roles

Generate original concepts and ideas that often defy generally accepted rules.

Move potential solutions to the next-level, while generating buy-in and excitement for change.

Challenge concepts and ideas, often playing the “devil’s advocate,” while methodically uncovering potential problems.

Lay the groundwork for implementation by creating a step-by-step plan to implement innovation solutions.

After learning about their role as a Creator, Advancer, Refiner or Executor, they will directly apply the CARE™ process to work through a real-world challenge facing the team. First up, the Creators will engage in visionary, big-picture, out-of-the box thinking to create new ideas. Next, the Advancers will take the best, most-practical ideas as take them to the next-level. They also tend to consider how these ideas will impact the people. Now it time for the Refiners to challenge the feasibility of the ideas by methodically exploring all of the pros and cons turning the idea into reality. Finally, the Executors create the step-by-step plan to implement the solutions.

This half-day team building activity clicks well with almost any other team building program. Imagine your team members learning about themselves, gaining a better understanding of your group’s dynamics, and learning a method to take your organization to new heights. Now you don’t have to imagine, Innovate with CARE™ can make that vision a reality.