In It to Win It - Team Building Activity


In It to Win It - Team Building Activity

In It to Win It combines fun and zany tabletop group activities ideal for a conference kick-off event or evening entertainment. 

Can your team accomplish the task in under a minute?Solo Cups - In it to win it

Everyone will cheer on their teammates as they use candy, cookies, cups, straws and other household items in a variety of timed challenges.

The team who scores the best overall time will win gold medals during the award ceremony finale. 

The challenges may include:

  • Candy Sort:  Team members use a straw and the power of suction to pick up M&M candy pieces and sort them into small cups. 
  • Bounce It:  Using a stack of red cups and ping pong balls, two players will need to utilize their aiming skills and balance a tower of 10 cups.
  • Cookie Crawl:  Use your facial muscles to move an Oreo from your forehead to your mouth.
  • Defying Gravity:  Each team member will juggle party balloons in the air without letting them touch the ground. 

In It to Win It is the most energizing hour and a half your team will ever experience!   

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