Team Building Activities in Houston, TX

Houston, Texas - Team Building ActivitiesTeam Building activities in Houston Texas

Discover a wide of range of team building events that can be held in Houston.

Enjoy a memorable day in Downtown Houston or the Houston Zoo with our Scavenger Quest or Ultimate Race team building treasure hunts . Who wouldn’t want to spend a day at this beautiful zoo? Explore the exhibits in teams of 4-6 participants armed with a clue packet and smart phones during the three-hour treasure hunt. Our Treasure Hunt Application will help you find the clues, but don't think the technology will point you right the answer. You will still have to rely on critical thinking, communication skills and teamwork if you want to find the clues.

Take advantage of the conference facilities at the Houston Zoo and venture into the thick Jungles of 1912 Africa in Jungle Adventure team activity. Poachers are after endangered gorillas and you must work together to save them from extinction. This fast-paced team building exercise requires communication and collaboration.

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If the weather is not cooperating and you are looking for an indoor treasure hunt, you can explore the Houston Museum of Natural Science during our ClueQuest indoor treasure hunt. Teams will decipher codes and puzzles as they search for clues throughout the exhibits. You can even boost your team into our outer space with Intergalactic Adventure to create a full day of team building fun!

Come aboard the Battleship Texas and experience Battleship Adventure. The Battleship Texas conference room facility can hold up to 40 participants. Journey back to 1944 with your team and become part of the Navy Special Forces to help defeat the enemy and launch your team toward success during this high-energy team building program.

And don’t forget to check out downtown Houston with our GeoQuest: The High-Tech Treasure Hunt near the Houston Medical Center.