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Team Development - Engaging the Workforce

engaging your workforce

Engaging your Workforce team development

People often talk about “engagement" though most people don’t know what it is, how to create it, and how to keep it. In this “engaging” session, you will learn how to bring into alignment that perfect "sweet spot" that balances optimal performance with the highest levels of job satisfaction.

Why is engagement important? Gallup has discovered that only 26% of the working US population is engaged, while 55% are not engaged (just putting in time), and even worse 19% are actively disengaged (the toxic energy vampires). Consider the implications if these statistics represent your company as the least engaged people miss twice as many days/year and the most highly engaged people are nine times more likely to stay.Attendees will discover why engagement is important today and why, with the arrival of the millennial generation, it’s going to be even more important in the future. You will learn how to make the case for increasing engagement in your own organization and will gain powerful and practical strategies for engaging the workforce.

We all know that some people quite and leave. But even worse, others quit and stay. 

Attendees will discover how to overcome engagement ironies, such as:

- The most engaged people get the least amount of attention (and we wonder why they become disengagement).
 - Managers already know how to engage people (they just need to make it a priority)
 - Organizations don’t tend to focus on employee engagement… until it’s gone.
 - In this interactive session, you will learn how to drive engagement by:
 - Identifying what you are doing that may be hurting engagement
 - Applying the easy-to-use and practical Engagement Grid
 - Learning how to motivate and retain the Millennial generation
 - Asking coaching questions that uncover demotivators
 - Addressing toxic behaviors that undermine engagement
 - Instilling an accountability mindset whereby people are co-creators, not passive

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