CSI Negative Zero Team Building Activity

CSI- Negative Zero Team Building ActivityCSI - Negative Zero Team Building Activities

Does your team have what it takes to solve a high-profile homicide?  In the CSI: NegativeZero team building program, participants learn CSI agent crime solving skills using a combination of real and comical crime fighting techniques.

Victor Steel, an actor on the TV show, NegativeZero, has been murdered. It is up to you to solve the crime. As new law enforcement recruits enrolled in CSI Boot Camp, you will earn clues by mastering crime solving skills.

Program Highlights:
-Participants compete to solve a murder mystery.
-Teams have a blast while participating in hilarious team building activities.
-Utilize fingerprinting, DNA analysis, and synthetic blood testing with police-quality materials.

-Team effectiveness is increased by improving cooperation,   communication, and trust.              

Take real fingerprints earn a clue. 

Conduct "blood" analysis – earn another clue. 

Conduct DNA analysisearn another clue.  

Have you ever taped the outline of a body? In CSI NegativeZero each team creates a crime scene that other teams need to decipher. It's the perfect combination of the deadly serious and the seriously funny.  

CSI Team building activity

Once you’re sworn in as a CSI Agent, your team will use their new-found skills to solve a murder mystery.

Earn clues by lifting and matching real fingerprints, dust for prints, solve mini-cases, and complete an autopsy.  Ever try to remove someone’s funny bone…you will at this team building program! Expect the unexpected.  This challenging, competitive, and fun team building program is filled with hands-on activities.  


The competition is here! Once you’ve completed all these hands-on team building challenges, can you put all your clues together to solve the Victor Steel case? 

Participants in the CSI: NegativeZero team building program bond together while improving communication and collaboration.  You’ve watched it on television.  Here’s your chance to join in on the action!

Program Specs:

Group size: 15-90
Program Length: 2.5-3 hours
Suggested Team Size: 5 is optimal, 3-6 is fine
Space requirements: 1 60” round table per group
Program Location: Inside