Team Building in Columbus, OH

Team Building Activities in Columbus, Ohio

Columbus Ohio Team Building Activties

Team Builders Plus is excited to offer many different types of team building activities throughout Columbus, OH. We can lead our programs at the Columbus Zoo, COSI, in the Arena District or onsite at your location. A variety of half-day and full-day outdoor and indoor activities are available to suit your needs – all facilitated by experienced trainers.


Jungle Adventure is a conference room-based activity but don’t think we’ll let you off that easily. Be prepared for a high-energy simulation that will keep you out of your seats as you save endangered gorillas from poachers. It may be the Columbus Zoo outside, but in the room its 1912 Africa and it’s a jungle in there! Communication, collaboration and effective planning are the key.

When Mother Nature has ideas of her own or if you are looking for an indoor treasure hunt, we offer our fun indoor treasure hunt: ClueQuest at COSI (the Columbus Center of Science and Industry).

Our outdoor hunt utilizes GPS units but inside COSI, we had to design an indoor hunt that is a bit more challenging. Throughout ClueQuest, teams will have to decipher Morse Code and other puzzles if you want to find the clues hidden in the exhibits.